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New Events Added!

rfawdry/ September 28, 2016/ Announcements/ 0 comments

We’re starting to get momentum here! We have booked TWO Christmas markets so far! Come check us out! Nov. 18 – Night Market at Eau Claire from 5-11 Nov. 19 – TTMAC Holiday Market at Bonivista Downs Community Center from 10-4 If you are looking for Christmas gifts, these are great places to go! Don’t forget to stop by and

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We’re Publishing Our Book!

rfawdry/ September 24, 2016/ Announcements/ 0 comments

Welcome to Rachel Fawdry Books! After two years of work, I am excited to announce that the books Missing you at Bedtime, Mommy and Missing You at Bedtime, Daddy are finally being published! Be sure to check back here to see where you can find us, and when our next set of books will be available!