Why Missing You?

There are lots of different types of technology now a days that allow us to connect with our families. Phones, Skype, and Facetime are just a few  wonderful inventions that allow us to bridge the distance between ourselves and our families when we are apart. So, why would you want a Missing You book?

No matter how far technology comes, children love books. There is something so grounding and comforting about curling up with a loved one to read a book. That is an experience you can not replace, no matter how far technology goes. And I hope this is an experience we never lose as a society.

Missing You books offer an experience. Our bedtime books go through the bedtime routine and remind children that they are loved and missed. While children read the books, they see their parents putting them to bed and they are reminded of the times their parents were there to put them to bed. Facetime can’t do that.

All our books go through familiar family activities that are missed when parents are unable to be at home. They offer a special memory to each child. One that they can really relate to as they are all about activities that children partake in every day. As the child reads the book and looks at pictures of themselves with their parents, they will remember, or be reminded of the times when their missing parent was able to partake in these familiar and fun activities.

So, if you want to give your child a special book that offers a memorable experience and a fond memory to your child when you are away, check out our Missing You book selection! We promise that:

You will feel good when you’re not there
Your child will know you care
You will be remembered