About Our Books

Missing You is the only children’s book series that brings families together when they are apart. My stories do something very unique in the book industry in that we reduce the feelings of guilt that parents feel when they can’t see their children as much as they want to.

As a mother whose husband has worked 12 hour day and night shifts in the nursing field, I know firsthand the concerns and guilt that parents feel when they can’t spend as much time with their children as they want. When parents are unable to be at home with their children, they deal with three main problems:

1. Miss spending time with your children:

Sometimes a parent has to make the decision to be away from their family and not spend as much time as they want with their loved ones. Maybe that means you have to work long hours during times when your children are home to support them. Maybe you made the choice to serve your country. Maybe your family is separated. The Missing you series is unique in that you can add your own personal photos into the book so that your children can see you as they read, making them feel like you are spending time with them, despite being away.

2. Afraid you aren’t a big part of your children’s lives:

It is hard knowing that when you aren’t at home, you miss those everyday moments with your children. The Missing You series has an engaging narrative about every day events that will make you feel like you are there for your children, participating in those activities with them.

3. Feel guilty that you are not home:

No parent want’s to leave their children for extended periods of time. You want to be there, but sometimes it just can’t happen. The Missing You series tells children how much they are loved and missed, making you as a parent feel a little better knowing that your children can be reminded how much you want to be there.

With this book series, my husband feels better leaving for work knowing that our son will be reminded how much he is loved and missed. No other book offers that to children and their families. I promise that:

You Will Feel Good When You’re Not There,
Your Child Will Know You Care,
You Will Be Remembered

My unwavering promise is at the heart of every Missing You children’s book.   We want every child to know they are missed and loved by their parents, bringing you and your children closer together despite the distance.