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I’m so excited to announce the launch of my books Missing You at Bedtime, Mommy and Missing You at Bedtime, Daddy!

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Missing You at Bedtime books are written for children of parents who can’t always be at home to say goodnight. The story goes through the bedtime routine and allow the children to have their missing parent put them to bed. The books tell children they are loved and missed while the addition of personalized photos allow the children to see their parent every night, even when they are away.

As a mother whose husband has worked 12 hour day and night shifts in the nursing field, I know firsthand the concerns and guilt that parents feel when they can’t spend as much time with their children as they want. I know that working parents deal with three main problems:

  1. Miss spending time with your children: Supporting your family is important to you, but sometimes that means you have to work long hours during times when your children are home and you miss spending time with them. The Missing you series is unique in that you can add your own personal photos into the book so that your children can see you as they read, making them feel like you are spending time with them, despite being away.
  2. Afraid you aren’t a big part of your children’s lives: It is hard knowing that a tradeoff of working is that you can’t participate in everyday moments with your children. The Missing You series has an engaging narrative about every day events that will make you feel like you are there for your children, participating in those activities with them.
  3. Feel guilty that you are not home: No parent want’s to leave their children for extended periods of time. You want to be there, but sometimes it just can’t happen. The Missing You series tells children how much they are loved and missed, making you as a parent feel a little better knowing that your children can be reminded how much you want to be there.

With this book series, my husband felt better leaving for work knowing that our son will be reminded how much he is loved and missed. No other book offers that to children and their families. I promise that:

You Will Feel Good When You’re Not There,
Your Child Will Know You Care,
You Will Be Remembered

My unwavering promise is at the heart of every Missing You children’s book.   We want every child to know they are missed and loved by their parents, bringing you and your children closer together despite the distance.

My books can be purchased on Amazon in the US, Canada, and the UK. For more locations, or to find out more about my books, you can check out www.rachelfawdry.com.

Why Missing You?


There are lots of different types of technology nowadays that allow us to connect with our families. Phones, Skype, and Facetime are just a few  wonderful inventions that allow us to bridge the distance between ourselves and our families when we are apart. So, why would you want a Missing You book?

No matter how far technology comes, children love books. There is something so grounding and comforting about curling up with a loved one to read a book. That is an experience you can not replace, no matter how far technology goes. And I hope this is an experience we never lose as a society.

Missing You books offer an experience. Our bedtime books go through the bedtime routine and remind children that they are loved and missed. While children read the books, they see their parents putting them to bed and they are reminded of the times their parents were there to put them to bed. Facetime can’t do that.

All our books go through familiar family activities that are missed when parents are unable to be at home. They offer a special memory to each child. One that they can really relate to. All our books are about activities that children partake in every day. As the child reads the book and looks at pictures of themselves with their parents, they will remember, or be reminded of the times when their missing parent was able to partake in these familiar and fun activities.

I love watching my children as we go through the books and look at pictures of each other together. They always go excited when they can see photos of themselves with both my husband and I.

Our Story

The inspiration for my first book came after I gave birth to my first child, Jack. My husband took two months of parental leave after our son was born, and before I knew it, he was going back to his job as a nurse. I had never thought about the hours of a nurse in terms of raising a family. Suddenly, he was gone 14 hours a day or sleeping through the day and then working at night. I realized that my expectations of family life coming from a household of parents that works 9-5 was far different than the reality of a family who has a parent who does shift work.

My husband found it extremely difficult to be a shift work parent, too. During day shifts, he didn’t see our son at all because of his sleep schedule. Night shifts were a little better because he would see Jack for about an hour a day. Going to work was hard on my husband because he wanted to be there to play with Jack. He felt guilty that he had to leave. He was worried that Jack would forget who his dad was if he wasn’t seeing him everyday. He was concerned that he would miss out participating in the everyday activities like bedtime and walks with Jack.


After about a year of guilt, concern, and worry I decided I wanted to write a bedtime story for Jack that tells him how much his father misses him when he’s not home, and include pictures of the two of them together.  My husband thought it was a great idea, and when I read it to our son complete with pictures, Jack would sit there and point at the pictures of him and his dad. Knowing that Jack had this story made my husband feel better about going to work. He knew he would be remembered. He knew Jack was being told his father cared.

After I finished writing the first story, I knew that I had the chance to help other families who go through the same situation every day as working parents.  I began writing more stories about children experiencing everyday activities with their parents and made room for family photos to be inserted. It has been a wonderful experience capturing memories in stories to bring families together. It has worked to bridge the distance between my son and his father while at work, and I hope it can do the same for your family.

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